Massive Outrage After A Man Found Who Doesn’t Understand Budget

A man was found by a TV reporter today, who couldn't understand budget presented by Finance Minster, and was clueless whether it's good or bad for country.

Mumbai: In an nationally embarrassing development that took entire social media community by surprise, a man was found by a TV reporter who couldn’t decipher whether India’s annual budget presented this week was good or bad for the country. This latest finding has sent entire country in a state of gloom and pessimism. Economic experts fear a free-fall of India’s image in world’s eye is unavoidable now.

A visibly worried Finance Minister couldn't hide his emotions.
A visibly worried Finance Minister couldn’t hide his emotions.

“In social media, almost everybody is giving expert opinion on Budget. While a particular group says there is ‘nothing’ in this budget for the middle-class, another group says it’s going to pave the way for end of policy-paralysis in India’s decision making. Even those who can’t understand their form-16 are projecting themselves as Harvard-educated economy specialist,” a media analyst told Teekhi Mirchi.

“I sucks man! I can’t believe we have such economically illiterate people in our country. No wonder India is still viewed as a third world nation. Since budget started beaming live on TV, I have been busy posting updates on twitter telling everybody how our budget will boom our economy, bring more investments and leave US and China far behind in terms of GDP,” said one twitter user.

“I even fought with, trolled and ridiculed those who were only tracking taxes and prices of useless stuff like food, clothes, building materials, internet etc. Come on man! We need to rise above these petty things if we really wish to see India as next superpower. Ever since I heard about this man, I find all my efforts going in vain…The ‘India-story’ is now over!” declared another visibly frustrated twitter user.

Rating companies like Moody’s and S&P have reacted cautiously to this development. “We are aware of this latest finding and are closely monitoring the situation. If the trend continues, we may well consider downgrading India’s ratings sooner than later,” a senior executive of Moody’s told Teekhi Mirchi on condition of anonymity, because he was not authorized to speak to media.

Meanwhile, As a damage control measure, India has decided to further tweak GDP calculation formula, raising it even further upto 13.5. Experts hope this will make people forget petty problems like poverty, unemployment, lawlessness etc, and bring a new environment of hope and optimism in the country.



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