Travelling Gears of Delhi Metro

Travelling in Delhi Metro requires a special skill, that you won't find written in world's most famous books or costliest magazines. No expert would teach you either. It's right there hidden in the secrets of Mechanical Engineering.

New Delhi: Oh My God! Its Friday, 05:20 PM, and i am still in office. No, No! don’t get me wrong, its not about Friday night party. Instead, its something more substantial and concerned with comfort. Actually, I need to catch a metro by 17:15, else I will be in deep trouble. Almost all offices call it a day at 17:30. And, if by mistake I coincide with the same time, I wont even get the place to stand in the metro TRAIN. Yes I am serious, and talking about a TRAIN. But believe me, I am in a city where it does makes sense! I am in Delhi, or NEW Delhi, as they may call it. But to my horror, I am already late.

Welcome to Rajeev Chowk Metro Station! Please stand behind the yellow line and enjoy the crowd :)
Welcome to Rajeev Chowk Metro Station! Please stand behind the yellow line and enjoy the crowd :)

Finally I manage to cover 2 km to reach Delhi Metro station in around 27 minutes because of the craziest traffic in the world. I may take the liberty to say that it is not a straight road of 2 kms.  Rather, it is a straight round about of 2 kms, where anyone can come from any direction. Traffic rules!!!…they are just a myth here. At 17:57, I press my feet on metro station and regular commuters would call it a suicidal time. Anyways, I am entering the metro station and escalator is quite occupied, but I still manage to occupy a little space in the side of a fat Punjabi lady with two shopping bags of her, after annoying her and making her to move her bags a little.

Now I am on the first floor, and there is a long queue for the security checkpoint. Why do we have a single scanning machine for such a huge crowd where our bags are getting toppled and laptops are suffering the worst treatment! Even the best quality tests can fail here…and yea, I Hate terrorists! It’s because of them we have to wait in a queue for another 17 mins. Its almost 18:20 hrs, and finally I am through the security checkpoint and the formality of frisking through is done. Now finally I reach the platform after climbing a few more stairs. There are many passengers standing on the platform to catch this modern train.

Let’s see if I can get through this crowd. There used to be a security guard here, whose job is to manage the queues entering the train. But he seems to be absent at this critical time. I smell chaos as the train arrives on the station. To my accurate calculations, train has arrived and people are planning to go amuck already.

That secret, finally unleashed!
That secret, finally unleashed!

Now before the door opens, there are people who want to enter. There is another lobby of people inside the train who want to come out. The situation demands a little strategy here. And the strategy says- PUSH each other! Whichever lobby is stronger, makes it through to the other side. By god’s grace, I was just standing in between the crowd, and by the sheer force I was pushed inside the train without even trying to do so. After entering the train, I knew I stepped  my right foot on someone else’s. But that’s OK because my left foot has already been bearing the brunt of a heavy weight belonging to wrestler kind of a person standing by my side.

Now, my arrival point or station will come on the right side and I am on the left side. So, I have to change the side. For that to happen, I will need to claim my feet back, and remove them from the clutches of that wrestler’s feet, and try to turn towards the right side.

While doing all this, I bravely take a 35 degrees turn! This small turn makes the person standing on my right to turn left. Finally, as I made him mobile a bit, I catch that very moment and take a complete right turn, making the person on my right to turn just by my force! Its as if a gear is making another gear to turn. That’s what I would call a ‘Human Gear Assembly’.

After turning right, I am now facing the gate to exit. After 13 mins of human gear assembly travel, I reach my destination by around 18:40 hrs. Now I understand meaning of the word ‘destination’. Finally, with the strategic Push, I am thrown out of the metro. I feel like the happiest man on this planet and I truly am. Coming victoriously out of the metro station, I can hear in my mind the invincible background music going on. So, a lesson for all you folks here:

You don’t need to have your travelling gear in Delhi, you just need to behave like a ‘gear’. I MADE IT FINALLY!

Happy Weekend :)



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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