Asaram Complains Of ‘Chest Pain’ After Potency Test

Politicians complaining for chest pain when put in unfavorable situations is nothing new in this country, but this is first time Bapuji had this problem.

Ahmedabad: In an unusual turn of events, after undergoing ‘Potency Test’, Asaram has complained of ‘chest pain’.

Earlier this self-styled godman had undergone potency test in Jodhpur and hadn’t experienced any such bizarre complications.

Asaram Bapu Ji just after undergoing potency test.
Asaram Bapu Ji just after undergoing potency test.

“In both instances, Asaramji has shown outstanding results and passed the first stage itself involving ‘physical stimulation’. We thought, being 75 years old he would need remaining two stages requiring drugs, imaging and psychological tests. But what we saw today would make anyone in his 20’s or 30’s feel embarrassed and jealous,” Joint Commissioner of Police Sector-I, J K Bhatt told Teekhi Mirchi.

“He was enjoying these tests and cooperating well, even demanding pictures/videos of a certain celebrity, when all of a sudden he fell on the floor. When we ran towards him, he shouted – Kamino, Dard wahan nahin yahan hai“, Bhatt added.

While politicians suffering from chest pain after anticipating arrest is nothing new, this sudden turn of events has given an entire new twist to the whole story.

“We are trying to decipher how a harmless potency test could possibly have caused chest pain. We are looking at every possible angle,” said sexologist N. D. Chugh.

Meanwhile Asaram has been advised bed rest by doctors but was cautioned to stay away from his female doctors in order to avoid worsening of his chest pain.

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