Indian WWF match in Parliament between RaGa and NaMo

Teekhi Toon: Indian WWF !!

March 11, 2016 kushal 0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a strategic lead in parliament this week by defeating Rahul Gandhi with his oratory skills, not to forget his 56 inch chest and mesmerizing makeup. This was no less than […]

Gandhi Family's Chiku (Piku)
Movie Releases

Teekhi Movie Release: CHIKU

May 31, 2015 Jabra 0

  Teekhi Mirchi presents… Gandhi Family’s- CHIKU …bachpan ke emotions. (Featuring Rahul Baba, Robber Vadra and Pinky) Teekhi Mirchi critics Rating- ****1/2 Reader’s rating- 0