Exclusive poster of Mann Se GUNDA...An Amit Shah Film
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Teekhi Movie Release: Mann Se GUNDA

October 29, 2016 Kumar Keshav 1

They have blessings of Gujrat’s Tadipaar. Now they are open on streets to turn his teachings into reality. The result is- open extortion by these shameless folks, and a deafening silence everywhere, a sign of […]

Poster of the Movie BODYGUARD featuring Marendra Nodi
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Teekhi Movie Release: BODYGUARD

July 29, 2016 Kumar Keshav 0

Mayapuri: Nation chose him to bring Acche Din of the poor and deprived, the have-nots, those who’ve been in the darker part of the India, struggling to meet their ends. But ever since he was enthroned, […]