Ghar Ghar Billi

My Daughters Are NOT Lakshmi !!!

January 31, 2017 navjit 0

 “Its OK yaar, ladkiyan to lakshmi hoti hain, luck le ke aati hain ….Bow Bow Bow……Blah Blah…” “Kanya Devi Hai, Lakshi Hai…..Badd Badd Badd……… “ These are lines that I am hearing since last 2-3 days, […]


Movie Review: The Jungle Book, A Must Watch

April 10, 2016 navjit 0

Waaaaooooooooo (Wow!) That is what you are going to say, when you watch this movie. A household friendly childhood name from 90s “Mowgli” played by the talented 12 years old Neel Sethi in a fabulous […]

earthquake vs nimbu lemon - Quake quake to QUACK QUACK, Nimbu Mirchi wins

Which Is Stronger? Earthquake Or Nimbu Mirchi?

November 3, 2015 navjit 0

Earthquake or Nimbu Mirchi, which is stronger? Strange things happen sometimes, earthquakes might be scary for some,but aren’t as strong as the strongest bonded couple of Nimbu Mirchi (Lemon Chilli). Yes, thats true. At least […]