Dangerous Life- Mosquitos

Teekhi Toon: DANGEROUS LIFE !!

February 28, 2016 kushal 0

Humans are living under impression that only they were made to live on earth. Overuse of pesticides, insecticides and explosion of human population has put life of other animals in danger, making hundreds of species […]

Pending cases
Kushal Toons

Teekhi Toon: WAKE UP !!

February 26, 2016 kushal 0

A whopping 3,2 crore cases are pending in different courts of the country. With such a huge number of piled cases, is it wise to expect justice in Indian court system? Why our justice delivery system […]

I'm out of body -- will call back after an hour!

Teekhi Toon: Out Of Body !!

February 20, 2016 kushal 0

What happens when a Rishi/Muni/Baba/Aghori enjoying ‘Out of Body’ experience gets a phone call in 21st century? Well, they do call back!  

Neo Valentine Day

Teekhi Toon: Neo Valentine Day!

February 15, 2016 kushal 0

Cupid had a hectic day this Valentine’s, but new relationship categories(?) made him sweat and shiver, with a lot of delivery pressure. Arrows were scarce and he spent all days asking for more! :P

FUNNY-INDIA - David Coleman Headley speaks to Obama

Teekhi Toon: FUNNY INDIA !!

February 10, 2016 kushal 0

David Coleman Headley is really enjoying his interrogation, India is so funny after all! Teekhi Mirchi’s cartoonist Kushal’s take on our own loving Funny India!