"Talaq better than Murder." - AIMPLB. See, it's all about her protection, even if that means caging her!

Teekhi Toon: The Talaq Protection !

October 18, 2016 kushal 0

Religious misogynists are funny. In order to defend their medieval age ideas, and prove their relevance in modern age, they come up with bizarre nauseating logic of pragmatism, such as this-

Recall of 1 milliuon Samsung phone: I told you - the user manual said not to use it at home.

Teekhi Toon: In-House Bomb Attack !!

October 16, 2016 kushal 0

Samsung has recalled its 1 million smartphones, following incidents of explosions reported from many parts of the world. Here is cartoonist Kushal’s take on this episode-

Indian WWF match in Parliament between RaGa and NaMo

Teekhi Toon: Indian WWF !!

March 11, 2016 kushal 0

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took a strategic lead in parliament this week by defeating Rahul Gandhi with his oratory skills, not to forget his 56 inch chest and mesmerizing makeup. This was no less than […]

Dangerous Life- Mosquitos

Teekhi Toon: DANGEROUS LIFE !!

February 28, 2016 kushal 0

Humans are living under impression that only they were made to live on earth. Overuse of pesticides, insecticides and explosion of human population has put life of other animals in danger, making hundreds of species […]

Pending cases
Kushal Toons

Teekhi Toon: WAKE UP !!

February 26, 2016 kushal 0

A whopping 3,2 crore cases are pending in different courts of the country. With such a huge number of piled cases, is it wise to expect justice in Indian court system? Why our justice delivery system […]

I'm out of body -- will call back after an hour!

Teekhi Toon: Out Of Body !!

February 20, 2016 kushal 0

What happens when a Rishi/Muni/Baba/Aghori enjoying ‘Out of Body’ experience gets a phone call in 21st century? Well, they do call back!