Teekhi Toon: At Last !!

December 9, 2016 kushal 0

At last…women finally broke the fetters of misogyny and patriarchy, and entered the Mumbai Haji Ali Dargah. Kudos to them for showing courage.

Hacking of Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account

Teekhi Toon: Rahul Gandhi Twitter Account Hacking

December 8, 2016 kushal 0

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account @OfficeOfRG was hacked by unidentified people/ groups. More than hacking, bigger concerns are how the hell the hacker knew so much about Gandhi family secrets. Is that the “Swamy” guy?

Dance India Dance - To the tune of opposition

Teekhi Toon: Dance India Dance !!

December 4, 2016 kushal 0

After note ban, common man was feeling the heat by standing for hours outside ATMs and bank. But now, the well known competitive politics in our country is ensuring he gets a fair deal.

RIP Fidel Castro - Fidel Castro in front of God

Teekhi Toon: RIP Fidel Castro

December 3, 2016 kushal 0

RIP Fidel Castro – Sir, You’ve to sign it promising not to discuss ‘communism’, ‘socialism’ or ‘revolution’ here !!

Manmohan Getting his Voice Back

Teekhi Toon: The Unmuted Voice !!

December 2, 2016 kushal 0

He turned silent at the peak of scams and mismanagement, a time when country wanted him most. Now, when his adversary has taken over, he’s got his voice unmuted. Not bad!

This is how ATM machine trolls you after standing in the queue for several hours.

Teekhi Toon: When ATM Machine Trolls You!

November 18, 2016 kushal 0

What happens when you take a sigh a relief while entering the ATM cabin after waiting for several hours in the queue and ATM Machine trolls you by asking this weird question- Feeling Lucky?