Beautiful Delhi - No protest

Teekhi Toon: Beautiful Delhi

December 11, 2016 kushal 0

Delhi had a unusually peaceful day this week, for a very sad and unusual reason. Beautiful Delhi was observed by its people, while all the crooked politicos camped in Chennai!


Teekhi Toon: At Last !!

December 9, 2016 kushal 0

At last…women finally broke the fetters of misogyny and patriarchy, and entered the Mumbai Haji Ali Dargah. Kudos to them for showing courage.

Hacking of Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account

Teekhi Toon: Rahul Gandhi Twitter Account Hacking

December 8, 2016 kushal 0

Rahul Gandhi’s twitter account @OfficeOfRG was hacked by unidentified people/ groups. More than hacking, bigger concerns are how the hell the hacker knew so much about Gandhi family secrets. Is that the “Swamy” guy?