EXCLUSIVE Interview With Abu Azmi On Bengaluru Mass Molestation

"Rape In A Metro" - An In Depth Study Of Bengaluru: In this exclusive interview, Dr. Abu Azmi says proper attire and attitude can prevent rape.

Dr. Abu Azmi, the ideologue of the netaji-betaji party or rather the kabhi netaji-kabhi betaji party was giving his take on rape to a group of media persons. He had recently been awarded a doctorate for his thesis titled “Rape in a Metro – an in depth study of Bengaluru.”

Abu Azmi giving his Gyan on Bengaluru mass molestation.
Abu Azmi giving his Gyan on Bengaluru mass molestation.

“The probability of rape is directly proportional to the percentage of skin displayed,” he declared.
“I don’t get it,” a PYT said.

“See, it is quite simple. Suppose you go out naked in the street. There are 100 % chances of you getting raped. If you wear shorts, the probability comes down to 80%. If you wear minis – it is 70%, tight jeans -50%, cleavage showing backless choli, 64% and so on.”
“What if I am covered from top to toe?”

“Then the chances of anyone raping you is just around 6 %. That is why I am advising all my sisters and mothers and daughters to go out completely covered, with their heads bowed down and their eyes on the potholes.”
“So is dress the only indicator?” asked a young women clad in a tight sleeveless top and shorts.

Dr. Azmi tore his eyes off her chest with great difficulty and addressed her face, “A woman should never be seen near a man unless he is her brother or father or husband.”
“But that is ridiculous -” a middle aged man said.

“Listen, just as if sugar is there, ants are bound to make a beeline for it, if a woman is around a man, he is bound to get attracted. What is the point in taking fire near petrol? It will only lead to a conflagration.”
“According to you then, it is only the woman or her clothing that is to be blamed?”

“Yes, if woman control themselves, men will not get excited and rapes will not happen. Just as charity begins at home, the control should begin with the woman. This will solve the problem of rapes once and for all.”



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