Pakistani Students Request Modi To Attack Pakistan Before Their Exams Begin

A group of Pakistani students has come out in open to support Modi in India’s cause after the recent Uri attacks by Pakistani terrorists.

Islamabad: The recent Uri attacks have put the Indo-Pak relations into a very sensitive mode. Most of the Indians want PM Modi to strike back and avenge the killing of 18 soldiers. Infiltration activities are on a rise and Indian patience will soon run out.

Nawaz Sharif Narendra Modi
One Pakistani student making such a request to Narendra Modi in person.

Pakistanis on one hand are already reeling under poor economic condition, and a war like situation would be bad for them too. PM Modi and Rajnath Singh are in continuous touch with the Army chiefs to explore options. Everyone has a right to provide options but war is never the best strategy.

But here comes the shocking news which will blow your minds. Pakistani students actually want Modi to attack Pakistan before their examinations so that the exams are cancelled and they don’t have to worry about putting hard efforts in study. A group of Pakistani students has come out in open to support Modi in India’s cause. Nawaz Sharif is concerned with this type of revolt and has urged police to take strict action against such students.

The ball is in the court of PM Modi whether to oblige the students by taking into consideration their request.

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