Fireman Goes To Rescue A Girl; She Says- “Give Me 5 More Minutes”

An female IT employee in Bengaluru, who was stuck in an emergency when her flat caught fire, asked the fireman to wait for her, to pack her stuff properly.

BangaloreBengaluru: A recent incident involving a Bengaluru resident whose flat caught fire has shook the nation. We are talking about an IT employee named Barkha, who was stuck in an emergency when her flat caught fire and she had to be rescued by the fire officials.

Girl selfie with handbag
The girl also took selfie after packing her handbag.

Fire officials in Bengaluru showed urgency and reached the spot as soon as possible, battling its notorious traffic. One of the fireman used the ladder and reached inside the girl’s flat. He was determined to save the life of the girl and he fought bravely, given the fire and chaos.

But the incident which followed shook him up. When he asked the girl to come with him, he got the reply, “Give me five more minutes”. He didn’t understand what to do next. He urged the girl to hurry up, but the girl was busy arranging her things in purse and makeup. The fireman was literally burning in fire. He pleaded, requested and also helped the girl to pack her stuff properly.

Finally after a lot of chaos, the girl was rescued. Our secret reporter Mr. Apoorv Mishra caught up with the fireman who promised him that he will never rescue a girl anymore.

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