Parents Shocked As Daughter Wants To Marry Lava Mobile

Parents of a 27 year old girl were found in a state of shock by neighbors today, after she came up with demand that she wants to marry Lava Mobile.

Bengaluru: Parents of a 27 year old girl Natasha (name changed) were found in a state of shock by neighbors today, after she came up with demand that she doesn’t want to marry a human male, rather a cheap Indian built assembled mobile from Lava.

Marendra Singh dhoni endorsing Lava mobile in ad
Tested under all conditions, except one!

The incident happened when Natasha was watching ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on TV, broadcast in between advertisements, barely able to make you laugh. In the Lava ad, a salesperson is seen telling Cricketer M.S. Dhoni, that there isn’t a single defect in the mobile, and that it’s built perfect.

Hearing that, Natasha almost jumped with joy. After all, like all the girls, she was also looking for ‘Mr. Perfect’, someone who’s assumed to be nice, handsome, earns well, is romantic, has good sense of humour etc, among hundreds of other conflicting qualities.

Like all other women on this planet, Natasha knew such a man doesn’t exist. Hence she took this extreme step out of utter frustration with the way this world was built.

Moreover, the ad of the desired groom also states that you can ‘test’ it the way you wanted, and even throw it at will, a mandatory need for women empowerment.

Interestingly, Natasha had already friendzoned many men who were near-perfect, but were not exactly what she wanted.

The flirty Lava mobile is yet to comment on this development, and is least likely to be hooked up with Natasha. At press time it was found dating a rumored model of iPhone, yet to be launched.



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