Movie Review: The Jungle Book, A Must Watch

The Jungle Book Poster
Mowgli is still a ROCKSTAR!

Waaaaooooooooo (Wow!) That is what you are going to say, when you watch this movie. A household friendly childhood name from 90s “Mowgli” played by the talented 12 years old Neel Sethi in a fabulous performance.

If you are an indian who loves to watch bollywood, you must see this movie in Hindi to feel the charisma and power of dubbing by one of the most talented actors, Om Puri as Bagheera, Nana Patekar as Sher Khan, Priyanka Chopra as Kaa, and above all, Irrfan Khan will bring life to Baloo’s Punjabi character onscreen alongwith many others to complement.

The movie has it all, the touchy and emotional moments from Wolf mother with human cub, to Chulbuli friendship between Mowgli and Baloo, with caring Bagheera on one side, till Roaring Sher Khan coming out to scare everyone. It has everything one entertainer must possess. A good portrayal of storytelling by the director Jon Favreau.

The only thing which I missed as an Indian viewer was, the Gulzar Saab song “Chaddi pahan ke phool khila hai”, But thanks to Youtube for adding that flavor after the movie.

But even after that miss, you are thoroughly going to enjoy this fun ride with Mowgli. This is a must watch if you have a kid in your family. Do show them & allow them this 1 hour 46 min captivating joy ride. The director nailed it.

Go and live the Jungle in this Book!



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