India Speaks: Sudden Frequent Earthquakes In Delhi NCR

India now speaks out over the issues that matter to us as a common man, while we struggle to meet our day-to-day needs.

Delhi Earthquake
India Speaks: A panic scene following usual earthquake in Delhi.

Out of a sudden, Delhi NCR and many other parts of the country are witness to several earthquakes, almost every week, sending lethargic and careless residents of these cities into a tizzy. Did you also panic and felt nervous when heard someone shouting, ‘Bhookamp! Bhookamp!!!’? What do you think over the entire matter?

Teekhi Mirchi India Speaks“With everybody calling their acquaintances over phone, even before ensuring their own safety, just to check if those people haven’t died, this is a good news for dying telecom industry, already reeling under cut-throat competition, shrinking price margins and soaring spectrum costs.”

–  Fayyaz Siddiquee (MBA Aspirant, Delhi)

Teekhi Mirchi India Speaks - Indian Aam Aadmi 3“This is especially worrisome for those living in high-rises. By the time they reach ground floor from their apartment on 23rd floor, the earthquake is already gone, and even many people are back to their flats. It’s high time government makes it mandatory to install ‘child slides’ at every floor in these high-rises, enabling people to reach ground in seconds.”

Balkar Singh (Property Broker, Gurgaon)

India SpeaksEee Jo Dharti Hile La Na, To Saare Log Chhitak Ke Aise Babar Aa Jaat Hain, Jaise Kauno Jamun Ka Ped Jhakjhor Ke Saara Jamun Zameen Pe Bharbara Ke Gira Diya Ho. Khair, Hamaar Paan-Cigarette Ka Bikri To Duguna Ho Jaat Hai!

Lallan Prasad (Paan Vendor, Ghaziabad)



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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