I’ll Make Kyrgyzstan No. 1 Country In The World: Modi

PM Modiji is expected to tour around the globe during his 5 year stint as PM of India, and will declare his commitment to making all countries No.1.

Modiji searching land for developing smart-cities on foreign soil.
Modiji searching land for developing smart-cities on foreign soil.

Aboard Air India Flight With PM: In a major slip of tongue, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today announced that he’ll make Kyrgyzstan no. 1 country in the world. The statement from PM came when he was leaving Turkmenistan for Kyrgyzstan as part of his never-ending foreign tours.

PM Modi had already vowed to make ‘No. 1’ all 29 states and 7 union territories of India separately, during his election campaigns last year. But this latest declaration has dropped bomb-shell among foreign-policy officials and diplomats.

“To me, it appears he’s not going to stop here. The ‘No. 1 state formula’ has worked with Indian electorate, and Modiji would surely want to replicate that model during all his future foreign tours to appease his hosts,” said a foreign ministry official to Teekhi Mirchi requesting anonymity.

“It may well turn out to be a major credibility and image crisis for India, if Modiji doesn’t keep his promises made to foreign countries. Frustrated nations may even sue Indian government by going to International Court of Justice,” the official cautioned nervously.

“Look, twitter users in Kyrgyzstan have already started chanting Namo-Namo. Some are even trolling and abusing their fellow citizens for their ‘skepticism’ and ‘pessimism’,” revealed a social-media watcher.



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