EXCLUSIVE Pictures Of Narendra Modi In Seychelles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on tour to Seychelles and other countries for strengthening our bond with this strategically important nation. Teekhi Mirchi brings to you EXCLUSIVE pictures taken during his trip.

Teekhi Mirchi brings to you EXCLUSIVE pictures of Narendra Modi in Seychelles taken during his trip.

Before leaving New Delhi for Seychelles, Prime Minister addressed a huge gathering of his followers, and officially declared beginning of his foreign tour in Pratibha Patil style – “Let the Tours Beginnnnnnnnnnnnn……!!!”
Narendra Modi as Pratibha_Patil in CWG Opening Ceremony

Prime Minister Narendra Modi bids adieu to his followers with teary eyes.

Narendra Modi as Pratibha Patil 2 Leaving Delhi for Seychelles

Modiji arrived in Seychelles today morning. He received royal welcome on par with his predecessor Pratibha Patil, who visited island country during her tenure.

Narendra Modi as Pratibha Patil arrives in Seychelles

In order to gauge alarming climate change issues plaguing this country, Modiji spent a lot of time on Seychelles beaches.
Narendra Modi as Pratibha Patil chilling out in Seychelles beach

Modiji finally returned to India on an Air-Force plane. Media reports say entire Seychelles population has gone into depression after he left Seychelles land, and is crying since then. Seychelles government has declared a 7-day of mourning in memory of their beloved guest.

Narendra Modi as Pratibha Patil in pilot suit before flying jet



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