Open Letter to Kiran Bedi

An Open Letter to Kiran Bedi for why she abandoned the cause of India Against Corruption, that got hijacked by BJP and its machinery.

We are thousands of NRIs who supported you during your India Against Corruption & Janlokpal Bill Movement and are now supporting Aam Aadmi Party as Arvind Kejriwal and his party is fighting for the same. I am in bit illusion as why you, an ambassador of India Against Corruption & Janlokpal movement joined BJP, may be I do not know the reality.

IAC movement that died
IAC movement that died.

Please let me know and if I get convinced, I and thousands of NRIs like me will join your new party BJP.

May be BJP already did the following that must have been pre requisit for Kiran Bedi, the woman of substance, I know but let me ask you to make sure:

  1. Did BJP ensure full implementation of Right to Information act and complete financial transparency in the party. All donations and spending would be published and open to public scrutiny?

  2. Did they promise no tickets will be given to tainted / criminal candidates in Delhi election and future elections, neither for candidates from political dynasties and maintain a transparent and clean candidate selection process?

  3. Did they agree to provide independent Lokpal, investigative agencies like CBI, police and judicial reforms?

  4. Did their motto change to “zero tolerance to corruption” ?

5.Did they agree to drop Yeddyurappa and other ministers in the party with corruption charges as this was must for you to join them?

  1. Are they going to expel Nihal Chand, a rapist sitting in Modi`s cabinet ? I am sure you would not be comfortable to share any meeting with him ?

  2. Have they become sincere towards Black Money generation and to bring black money from swiss banks & is it possible?

  3. Are you convinced that inflation will be tackled now with same policies of UPA followed by your BJP for last 7 months?

Before I make my mind, I also want to know your personal opinion about the following:

  1. How many kids Hindu women should give birth to as the number among BJP/RSS leadership varies from minimum 4 to 10 ?

  2. What is your view about using Ordinance to change laws for example recent change in Land Acquisition Act?

  3. What is your stand on Audit of electricity companies by CAG?

  4. What is your opinion about giving subsidies to poor people of Delhi vs to rich corporates?

  5. Would you give free drinking water to poor people who can not afford to pay water bills, in case you become CM ?

  6. Do you admit that you, Baba Ramdev and Gen V.K. Singh were agents of BJP from day one and used IAC`s plateform to help BJP ?

  7. Are you going to use BJP`s black money to contest Delhi election under your leadership or insist that it has to be white money?

I did ask you few questions before you formally joined BJP through twitter but I never got any answer so I am attaching those tweets to remind you, please. I will appreciate if you or your secretary can reply.


Dr. Bhan Garg



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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