Scientists Working On Technology To Transport Earth’s Atmosphere To Mars

Evolutionists are hoping this will finally put an end to our quest for space exploration and peace.

California: In a path-breaking discovery that may help human beings colonize Mars and settle there peacefully, scientists in California Institute of Technology have successfully built a prototype of technology to transport earth’s atmosphere in space. This new technology can be used by humans on earth to transport all of our atmosphere to Mars and colonize the red planet.

David demonstrating prototype of this revolutionary technology to media persons
David demonstrating prototype of this revolutionary technology to mediapersons

“Scientists have long theorized breaking Mars’ Carbon di-oxide into Oxygen and Carbon mono-oxide to build atmosphere there, but questions were always raised on feasibility of such a method. Humans have lived on earth for billions of years, and are habitual of living in this condition. A similar environment out there would help us focus on other challenges like space radiation and food,” explained brain behind this new discovery, David Matthew.

“Contrary to what you may believe, this is pretty simple. We’ll build a mere 2000 KM long tunnel beneath earth and construct a particle accelerator, not very different from the one at CERN. At one side of the tunnel, earth’s air will be sucked. We’ll then accelerate it at escape velocity within the tunnel, and aim it at Mars from a nozzle at other end of the tunnel,” David explained methodology of the technology to Teekhi Mirchi.

This new discovery though, has met with both applause and criticism from the people alike.

While most of the earth inhabitants were happy that they would finally get respite from earthly challenges like traffic congestion, poor internet bandwidth, terrorism, wars, low smartphone battery, pollution, internet abuses etc, and live at mars peacefully; skeptics have raised concerns.

“What if humans start polluting mars as well? what if they feel nostalgic about earth? We can’t transport this mammoth amount of atmosphere to some other planet, since building a 2000 km long setup at mars would be next to impossible,” an expert on human psychology and evolution shared his concerns with Teekhi Mirchi.



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