Rahul Kamali
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Teekhi Movie Release: Rahul Kamli’s DDLJ

November 29, 2014 Kumar Keshav 2

Teekhi Mirchi presents… Rahul Kamli & Marendra Nodi in DDLJ Featuring superhit song! नी मैं कमली-कमली, नी मैं कमली-कमली, नी मैं कमली-कमली, मेरे यार दी!  

Mutterman Vs Mufflerman

BJP launches ‘MutterMan’ to counter ‘MufflerMan’

November 23, 2014 Jabra 0

New Delhi: Overwhelmed with the successful “MufflerMan” campaign of AAP volunteers and continuous trending of #MufflerMan hastag on twitter, BJP has decided to launch its own superhero- “MutterMan”. This decision was taken after many senior BJP […]

Arvind Kejriwal as Mufflerman
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10 Hilarious Mufflerman Posters

November 22, 2014 Jabra 1

New Delhi: Aam Aadmi party is known for turning around a negative campaign by adversaries in its favor by cleverly tweaking it. In the past, negative twitter hash tags like #AAPExposed were used to spread positive […]

Fair & Manly - Penile Whitening cream for men

Penile Whitening Cream Launched For Men

November 6, 2014 Jabra 10

Pune: In a path-breaking discovery that is soon going to change how men look  at their grooming, a personal care products company in India has launched Penile whitening cream for men. The new product Fair & […]